Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The results are in

After developing a blister on my finger yesterday from hitting the refresh button about a million times, I am pleased to report that I have my first year law school results. The good news is that I managed to score a 2.1 overall. Quite 'chuffed' about the result as my English friends would say. Surprisingly however I was disappointed to see that my lowest mark was in criminal which I had expected to be my highest grade. Most of my peers who got grades yesterday did comparatively well so I am happy for them. They also were surprised by lower than expected criminal law exams so I imagine that as the professor says there must be some elusive 'technique' for writing answers to that exam. I'm most pleased that I can now close the book officially on year one, that I do not have anything to 'correct' going forward, and that I can now jump on my second year subjects. Onwards and upwards.

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