Friday, July 29, 2011

Dive in, the water's fine.

So, I've sorted it. This year shall be contract law, tort and trusts. I suppose that I am a creature of habit but there was just not enough to swing me to swap trusts for land law. Supposedly trusts is quite a difficult subject but so far after only a couple chapters in the study guide I find it really enjoyable. This contrasts remarkably with the land law study guide which I thought was very poorly written. In any event, now that I've decided on my three subjects I've got to plough my way through them.

This year I am going to change my study plan a bit. I think that I need to do more constant revision during the course of the year instead of leaving it to the end. Therefore I am going to try and save the weekends to go through the exercises in the study guides and textbooks in detail. Weekdays will be reading and note taking. I hope that this will be a good balance. The upside remains that starting this early in the year I can remain ahead of the game. The goal is to finish off the study guides by the end of December if I can to leave plenty of time for revision and further review. Fingers crossed.

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