Thursday, May 12, 2011

One down, two to go

So just a very brief update of yesterday's Criminal Law exam. Overall cautiously optimistic. The exam was more straight forward than I expected it to be, actually was spoiled for choice about which questions to do. I think I hit all of the main points. I know for sure that I mixed up a couple case names but I think I got all the principles correct. Might have missed one possible charge yet reading the notes on it that charge seems a bit of a stretch but I guess that is what the exam is all about. If lucky I might pull out a 2.1, I dont expect it will less than a 2.2 but who knows maybe the grading will be really quite tough. I do feel rather exhausted today however so I hope I will regain my strength before the Public Law exam tomorrow. Fingers crossed and I will let you know.

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