Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just can't get enough

I have a confession to make. Despite saying that I would take a break and then start working on the next courses in a couple weeks, I've been unable to stick to my word. Since this weekend I have been digging into the next set of courses I will take at law school. Currently the plan is to take contract, tort and trusts. Perhaps I will switch land law for one of these courses although I have to admit I am not keen on land. I expect I will just leave it for my final year.

I've been assembling what resources I can from friends and on the internet for these courses. I am really looking forward to them. As any student can tell you each year begins with such hope and high aspirations, hopefully I will be able to keep the high spirits going at least through the summer.

To start with I will focus on contract as that is the course which I have the most material for and the one I know for sure that I must take. So far I really enjoy it. I have to say that I don't really agree with it all however. For example the idea that a display of goods is only an invitation to treat in this day and age seems a bit unrealistic. Should a shop owner really be able to not sell an item to me because she finds me "a ragged and verminous tramp" as Percy Winfield contends? How can one balance this claim against one of discrimination? Also are not all advertisements meant for the general public who reasonably expect to find such goods available for sale? Yet even beyond that a consumer can easily go into a shop, pick up items, scan them himself, pay for them via a machine, and subsequently exit the store. Was the offer really just when the buyer swiped their own credit card which accepted the payment? Interesting reading ahead.


  1. Hi Francis,
    Its me, the one who writes exceesively long comments on your posts especially for criminal law :)

    I was under the impression you were taking Contract Law this May ? Guess not. Contract is a really enjoyable subject although very heavy on case law compared to our other first year subjects.

    This site has been immensely helpful for me in studying and revising contract law, hope it is of some use to you too.

    I know what you mean, I am also eager to get a head start on second year subjects. If I'm not mistaken I'll be taking tort, land, commercial and trusts. Sounds pretty challenging but hopefully early preparation- just getting things organised and collecting resources during the summer will help.

    Best of luck to you.

  2. Oh dear I forgot to post the link, the site is :

  3. Hi,

    Welcome back, thanks for the comment and also the link. I've put it into my favorites and will give a good listen to it. I think we will be in torts and trusts together this year, I plan to hold land law for next year and take it along with EU and either human rights law or company law. Not sure which yet. I will write some more about contracts in my next post so keep tuned in.

    Thanks again.