Sunday, May 23, 2010

More and more

I've been exploring various forms of legal associations for students. While I remain surprised that my university does not seem to have one, I have been able to find a number of international student associations that I could join. Its a bit difficult to get a clear picture of which ones have value and which are more designed to merely enhance a resume but at least by having a look at them I become a bit more acquainted with the various associations and I can see what is out there. I am quite keen to join at least one student law association as I believe there are a lot of benefits. I will let you know what I find.

Also I've found a couple competitions which are open to law students sponsored by various firms and institutions. While mooting competitions seem to be the most numerous, there are a number of competitions which are focused instead on essay submissions. I am definitely keen to try these as I think it would help to hone my writing skills for law school. So far the ones I have found have submission dates in about a month's time which is perfect. It will give me enough time to put an essay together and also get properly enrolled with the university as a law student.

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