Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another Milestone

When was the last time that you actually saw a milestone? I always find them quite interesting actually, almost like Stonehenge to be honest. A quaint relic of a time gone by, weathered by the elements yet still visible. Perhaps not as much of a mystery as the Wiltshire stones but still intriguing. At least to me.

In any event today I reached another milestone in my quest for the LLB. I stopped by my local examination centre this morning to get their sign off on my papers to sit my exams in the spring and I have just posted them to the university. In a few more days I can expect a much more visible sign when the fee for the exams is deducted from my account.

Slightly behind where I wanted to be at this point but I will be putting my nose to the grindstone over the next few months so keep the bandages handy...


  1. Keep the hard work up, your blog is useful. Will try and post some comments to keep the discussions up.

    I am in the my first year LLB as well.

  2. Thanks for the comment, I am glad that you enjoy it and even more pleasing is to see that it is useful for someone. It would be great to hear more from you and thanks for the support!