Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The sweet smell....

Dear gentle readers, I'm very pleased to share with you my first true legal success. As you may recall, a few weeks ago in my post "Breaking the law" I described how I was charged with an offence. Today I am happy to let you know that the charge against me has been dismissed and I have been successful in overcoming this injustice. Its nice to think that at least in this case justice has been done. I suppose it points not only to the need to follow the law but also how important it is to be able to show that you are following the law and to fight for your rights when required to do so. To be honest, I did think about just paying the penalty and having done with it. Especially since the reduction is 50% if you pay quickly. In fact I felt some pressure to do so. However I did not deserve to be fined in the first place. I can only imagine how those who are hauled in for more serious offences may feel. You are banged up in jail and presented with options about how you may proceed with your case. One suggestion put before you is to plead guilty at an early stage in order to avoid a trial and a harsher sentance. If you are innocent and told that if you plead guilty you can avoid jail otherwise at a trial you may find youself sentanced to spend time in the clink. It seems to me clear what many would do.

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