Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I've found something really worthwhile in my studies - ELSA. No not some nubile princess but rather the English Law Students' Association . As you may recall from pervious entries on this blog, when I started the LLB I was keen to join a law society at my university. I thought that it would be a good way not only to keep in touch with the practical side of the law but also to develop relations with other law students. Learning on my own at a distance from others can get a little lonely at times so I thought that within a law society I would be able to bounce ideas off others and learn. Well it turns out that there is no law society at my school oddly enough. Apparently some time ago the students at the university did publish a law journal with some success but as far as I can tell it faded away soon after it got started. Searching a bit further, I found that there are international, European, and English law student associations. ELSA seems by far to be the most organized and well structured. They run a number of programs for law students from a variety of schools in London and are active with a number of footprints on the web. I’ve been in touch with them and it looks like I will actually even be able to help play a role with coordinating the students at my university and those who are studying ‘virtually’ in London. I’ll keep you posted on how it develops.

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