Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Using all my senses...

I was exploring some more the online features of the school and I found a brilliant thing - they have recorded lectures from the instructors which track the study guide. Really well done. Admittedly, I think the side presentations could be a bit more robust and the voices are not exactly the most engaging, yet overall I think it is a big help in drilling the material home. I also must confess that I am getting more support and better materials from the school than I expected. So far it really seems like a good value for money.

One of the other features of their online learning environment is a very extensive law library. While I have not explored it very much, probably not even scratched the surface, I did log in to Westlaw and completed their tutorial. A superb resource I have to say and once you get the hang of it by completing the tutorial it is easy to use. I used it a bit for my paper for that competition to dig up a few cases and it contributed a lot of value.

So far so good as we go deeper into the brambles...

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