Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Concrete criminal...

Over the past week or so I've dug into my criminal law course and I'm pleased to report that I've hit concrete. After several weeks of focusing on common law, it seems to me that criminal is much more structured and orderly. The principles of criminal law seem straight forward, the rationales behind judgments seem to follow a logical pattern and the study is really engaging.

I understand that it is commonplace for law students to be attracted to the study of criminal law. I would imagine that we are drawn to it for a number of reasons. We are exposed to the high drama of the courtroom from our earliest years watching TV. Also so much of modern society focuses on violence that a basic knowledge of criminal law seems to be almost a prerequisite. Finally somehow we seem to be attracted to tragedy, much as we can not resist the urge to have a look when we pass a car wreck, so we seem to be drawn to the tales which unfold in the cases of criminal law.

So overall a good start, I know for sure that I will be back with rants and raves in a few weeks but for now I am content...

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