Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When the doors open...

So yesterday I received the famed "box" from university. As I might have said, this is forms the basis for my studies of the LLB. It contains study guides for my courses, text books, additional reading materials, online registration material for the courses and libraries, etc. I have to admit the box was a bit smaller than I expected and did not contain all of the material I was hoping for but this is merely due to the fact that I've registered so early. I will not actually sit my first exams until May of next year so many items are not yet prepared for students I would imagine. I did however get a few study guides, textbooks and the online registration materials. All of this is more than enough to keep me very busy for several months.

I've had a look inside the university's virtual learning environment for students and I have to say that it looks brilliant. Lot's of information there, the full learning materials for the course plus various online presentations which I did not know existed. Really good stuff. Also I've had a look at their online library - absolutely filled with databases and legal material. I used to work in a legal library when I was doing my undergraduate degree ages ago so I have some familiarity with the sources but is so full that I expect it will take me some time just to get oriented with what is there and how I can best use it. I did manage to find a journal article that Ashworth had written about ASBO's that I could not find elsewhere so I will consider than my small victory for the day.

Next post as promised I will try and do a rebuttal of the idea that fixed precedent is a valuable principle...

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