Monday, June 6, 2011

Money maker

Interesting news out today in the form of the New College of the Humanities, an academically star-studded institution based in London due to open its doors to students in October 2012. Reports are that some of the world's most celebrated academics will join this institution focusing on undergraduate studies in the humanities. Apparently no longer able to resist the steady decline in the humanities, this band of brothers (and one sister) has come together in an attempt to save its place in the academic world. They have become so alarmed by funding cuts to education that they feel compelled to act to ensure access to the intellectual fires that forge truly exceptional individuals.

Impressed? So was I.

Oh and did I mention that fees are set to be 18,000 quid a year, double the maximum for other universities?

Less than impressed? Yeah, I felt that way also.

Oh and the degrees will be awarded via the University of London.

Yes, the same school that is charging its students such as myself on its International Programme just a wee bit over 1,000 pounds a year.

Even less impressed then you were before? Me too.

To be sure, one welcomes any attempt to improve education. Those academics who are involved in setting up the college have a huge amount to offer others. However given the price they plan to charge in order to pass their students through onto a degree which is already very open and accessible, it is as a disappointment. Even if it might be a money maker...

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